I am….

I am not a bulletproof but my dreams are…

Nobody crack a little to make me brittle…

I am not intelligent as Einstein was…

But choose my path to walk far…

I am not beautiful as people want

But my heart is that nobody can hunt…

I am not daring to climb mountains like soldiers…

But can melt the hate like glacier…

I m not a legend by birth…

But creating a seed of love…:)

Part – II

...Time extends and middle age welcomes us
As prosperous & wise human
Fear of becoming old experience is as gold.

Physical changes feels weak welcoming every plea 
Mentality comes at level of childhood 
Perfect meeting for neighbor hood

Saying "Bye" to the adventurous life 
Welcoming the oblivion fights
Leaving little tears for beloved 
Going to make ourself covered 

This is human life,
with black and whie vibes.

Hey..its me..!!

Hello to all,i am here specially to meet many people to know different persons to whom i can share my stories my poetry and also wanna know yours.I choose this blogging platform because honestly i want to learn a lot in writing. I realize that i may be write some poetry for me & some particular persons but now i wanna enhance my criteria.

So here i am presenting my one of favorite poem from my diary….

Thank you God giving beautiful world
Lucky to be a part of the game of word.
Don't want to write book paging,
just scanning real life standings.

Infancy is as pure as God.
Childhood comes with school load.
Enter in teenage with colors of love & innocence
Start feeling truth of world with comman sense.

As grow at young age,with enthusiasm & career stage,
Runing in the race of life put a dress with a tie.
Pressure is in mind attacking like tides
Live fullest or do some rest,ignoring the local fest...
To be continue......

This is a first part of my poem LIFE.If you like it please do share comment your views and keep me inspire to write much more.Keep following to read its last part.

Thankewww……lots of love to all….